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High-Quality Services Backed by a Trusted Team

JMF Networks provides a complete portfolio of Fiber Internet service options that offer highly reliable and scalable solutions to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. Our Internet services include DIA, Ethernet, MPLS/VPLS, Fiber, and other custom solutions designed to meet your specific needs and requirements. JMF consultants and engineers work closely together to bring you the technology that meets your needs both today and in the future.

JMF Fiber is 1000x faster than regular Internet

Speed & Performance

JMF Fiber Optic Internet allows your business to more effectively communicate with clients and increases efficiency for your remote and in-office employees. You’ll never again have the headache of a slow internet connection hindering your day to day operations.

Security & Reliability

Multi-user video conferencing, voice over IP phones, and access to cloud-based applications can all happen simultaneously without having any latency or bandwidth issues. Off-site data backups that used to take entire days can now finish in a fraction of the time, providing peace of mind and data reliability.

Long-Term Investment

Fiber optic internet service is a cutting-edge technology that has become increasingly popular in the last few years. As deployment costs and time have come down, it will continue to prove to be a worthwhile investment. You won’t have to worry about updating your business for many years or risk being behind the times in the coming switch to fiber internet.

BGP & Peering

JMF Fiber Optic Network’s internet service is delivered via Advanced BGP peering, with direct connectivity to multiple datacenters, Tier 1 Carriers and Regional peering points. This allows for extremely fast speeds of up to 10gb. The fiber optic network also includes a DIA (Dedicated Internet Access) product, which provides customers with a private connection that is not shared with other users. The Transport product offers customers the ability to connect their own equipment to the JMF network, and the Peering product provides access to regional peering points. All of these products work together to provide an extremely fast and reliable fiber optic network.

Geographical Reach

The JMF network spans across Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas. We interconnect with a large number of tier 1 and tier 2 carriers. This allows us to deliver layer 2 (VLAN, MPLS) and layer 3 (IP, INTERNET, BGP) services to all of your offices and facilities with complete transparency. We currently have direct 10gb NNI (Network to Network Interfaces) with Southern Light, WOW, Level 3, AT&T, Florida Power and Light, Fiberlight, Megapath, and many other local providers. We can do things that no other carrier can do!